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    Lawn is a light-weight, single cloth wash fabric, weighing from 1% ounces to 2% ounces per yard and in widths from 36 inches to 40 inches finished. It is composed of all cotton yarns (bleached) from 1-40s to about 1-100s, and is always woven with a plain weave.
    The term "lawn" is derived from "Laon", a city in France which was a large manufacturer of linen lawn.

    PLAIN LAWN is made of solid white or bleached yarn in tooth the warp and filling. The fancier grades, or those having a color effect, are produced by printing vines, floral stripes, small flowers etc; in bright colors, in scattered effects upon the face of the goods, the warp and the filling in all cases being bleached yarns. The patterns are always printed, newer woven. Lawn is used principally in the manufacture of ladies' and children's summer dresses, sash curtains, dresses, blouses, nightwear, underwear, lingerie etc. Being a rather sheer fabric, lawn is best adapted to those light running looms in which the action of shedding is easiest upon tine fine yarns used in this style of goods. The warp for this fabric is dressed or beamed upon a regular dressing frame. It is then drawn in on 4 harnesses to permit of freedom in shedding. The plain weave requires but two harnesses, 'but where there are a great number of ends in the warp, the yarn would be very much crowded if tthe warp was drawn in on two harnesses. Therefore, four or more harnesses' are used. Lawn, when finished, should have a very soft, smooth feel. Therefore the finishing process includes 'brushing, very light starching or sizing, then calendering or pressing. 16 square inches equals 6.9 grains. 40x36 equals 1,440x6.9 equals 9,936 divided by 16 equals 621 divided by 437.5 equals 1.419 ounces per yard, 40 inches wide finished.