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  • Denim or twill 3/1


     From the French town of Nimes, "serge de Nimes".    Heavy cotton twill made of coarse yarns.
    1.         Overall denim is indigo blue or dark brown. Yarn dyed. Indigo superior to other blues. Denim is sold by weight. Eight ounce indicates two yards to the pound. "White back" denim, made with brown or blue warp and white filling " Double and Twist" means yarns are doubled and then twisted. Denim shrinks in washing. Uses: overalls, children's play suits, aprons for workmen. Weave— twill.    mostly : 3/1 twill
    2.         Drapery denim is finer and has softer finish than overall denim; usually yarn-dyed and woven in small geometric figure. Uses: couch covers, upholstery, hangings, slip covers. Weave—twill or figure.   

    Right diagonal on warp side
    for a better sale
    opposite diagonal  ===> sale = 20% off