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  • Flannel :  Light weight, washable, soft, woolen fabric with napped surface. It was originally made from carded wool, but is now often made from either wool and cotton, or wool and synthetic fibre.The term "flannel" is also often used to refer directly to the clothing created from flannelette.
    1.         Baby flannel. White, soft, woolen fabric in wool, or mixtures with silk or cotton. Smooth or napped surface. Uses: infants' wear. Weave—plain or twill.    Width, 25", 27", 30", 36".
    2.         Dress flannel—when in vogue, many interesting colors and finishes are offered. Weave—twill. Width 27".
    3.         Shirting flannel. Various weights, colors and textures for different purposes. Weave—plain or twill. Width, 27", 36", 42".
    4. Viyella flannel. Trade named fabric made in England. Cotton and wool in equal amounts mixed before spinning. Made in different widths, weights and colors. Uses: shirts, dresses, sports wear, infants' wear.    Weave—twill.