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    Twill (2/2) or 3-leaf twill
    Twill (3/1) or 4-leaf twill
    Twill écossais
    2/2 Twill
    2/1 Twill or 3-leaf twill
    Balanced Twill
    Broken twill
    Cavalry twill
    Compound twill
    Combination twill
    Corkscrew twill
    Cross and Zig zag twill
    Deflected, undulating or curved twill
    Dovetail twill
    Flat twill
    Fancy twill 
    Herringbone twill
    Influences affecting the prominence of twill
    Interlocking twill
    Normal twill
    Offset twill
    Rib twill
    Steep twill
    Stitched twill
    Undulating twill
    Twill appelation
    Twill combinations
    Twill threadings
    Twill weave