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    Term applied to several fabrics having coarse, uneven yarns and rough texture. I. Dress linen or cotton. Various weights and colors. Weave—plain. Width, 36", 2. Art linen. White, natural or dyed. Weave—plain. Width, 20", 27", 36", 45", 54". 3. Drapery fabric. Natural or colors. Jute may be combined with linen or cotton. Uses: hangings, upholstery, pillows, table runners. Weave—plain.    Width,   36",   50".    4. Toweling.    Linen,
    cotton or union (cotton warp, linen filling). Valued for its absorbing property. Rough, loosely spun yarns absorb better but are less strong than tightly twisted ones. Uses: towels, dresser runners, art needlework. Weave—plain or twill. Width, 15", 16", 18", 20". 5. Russian crash. Practically off the market during and since the war. Coarse, uneven handspun linen yarns containing some woody fibres. Handwoven by Russian peasants. Natural color. Width, 15" to 18". 6. Novelty wool fabrics sometimes called crash because of texture.