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    Originally all nets and laces were made with a needle or with bobbins. Modern nets have the same effect made by machinery
              1. Blonde. Washable cotton net for curtains, linings
    and ruffles. Same construction as bobbinet net, but
    usually finer. White, ecru or flesh.
    2.         Bobbinet net is machine-made of cotton or silk yarns
    partially twisting around each other so as to produce
    hexagonal meshes. They appear round at a distance.
    Finer grades of bobbinet used for dresses and trimmings.  Uses: curtains, linings, trimmings.  White or colors.  Width, 36", 54", 72".
    3.         Cable net has a coarse mesh. Not so satisfactory for curtains as bobbinet because it stretches when laundered.  Not much used at present.
    4.         Filet net has square spaces and imitates hand-made filet made by knotting the thread at the corners.

    5.         Novelty nets for curtains show a variety of effects.
    Weave—novelty net or lace. Width, 36", 40", 45",
    6.         Net, silk for evening gowns. May be soft or finished with a dressing. White, black and all colors. Uses: evening gowns, trimmings. Weave—net. Width, 72",
    7.         Point d' Esprit white cotton net with small dots scattered over the surface in snowflake effect. Width, narrow as footing or 72".