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    Cotton fabric covered with loops on both sides. It requires two sets of warp and one of filling. One set of warp
    is held taut while weaving, the other set is released to form loops, 1.. When woven in linen (rare) or bleached cotton
    in narrow widths, it is called Turkish toweling. Made in checks, stripes or plaids for bathrobes and slippers. Good
    Turkish towels have two loops (called double loop terry). A poorer quality with less absorbing surface has single
    loops on surface. Fancy towels made of mercerized yarns with colored Jacquard borders have least absorbing power.
    Mercerized loops are single and far apart. Wash cloths, which imitate terry, have loops fastened in the knitted fab
    ric which pull out like a chain stitch when a yarn breaks. Turkish towels are often woven towel length and hemmed.

    Weave—looped pile. Width, 18", 20", 22", 24".
     2. Drapery
    fabric is dyed or printed; reversible; rich texture; tends
    to hold dust and to fade. Uses: hangings, pillows. Weave
    —looped pile. Width, 36", go".